I was lucky to have seen some amazing places over the last year.


I've made the switch to Jekyll for content management.

I've found I don't really need all the overhead of wordpress, especially since I'm finding I don't update as often as I used to. Jekyll is much simpler and requires almost no maintenance at all. Jekyll parses simple markdown formated files and generates html from templates, that's about all there is to it. Because the output html is static, pages load much faster. Only a bare minimum webserver is required. The consequence of all this simplicty is that the barrier to entry requires some understanding of coding. If you understand templating concepts and are comfortable with editing markdown and html and have a bit of command line experience it's well worth the effort.

At Sea


vSphere Host Information Via PowerCLI

Recently I was required to gather some vSphere 4 host information for a documentation project. Some of this information is available and exportable from the vSphere 4 client but it's not all conveniently in the same place. I found it easier to gather this information via vSphere's PowerCLI rather than endlessly clicking around the interface.

get-vmhost | 
Select Name,
@{N="PhyMem"; E={[math]::truncate($_.MemoryTotalMB / 1024)} },
@{N="Product";E={(Get-View $_.ID).Config.Product.FullName }} | 
Sort NameĀ | 
format-table -auto

The output looks something like this:

Name       Manufacturer              Model          ConnectionState PhyMem NumCpu Cores/CPU Sockets Product
----       ------------              -----          --------------- ------ ------ --------- ------- -------
x.x.x.x    Dell Inc.                 PowerEdge R710       Connected     47     12         6       2 VMware ESXi 4.1.0 build-123456

The output can easily be exported by replacing format-table with Export-Csv.


I've never been a Facebook user, primarily because of the onerous privacy controls and concerns over Facebooks privacy game of kick the can. Google+ seems to have resolved my concerns in an elegant way allowing me to communicate with the people I want to, in the way I want to. I'm able to delete all of my Google+ social content if I want and when it comes down to it, I trust Google more than I trust Facebook. You can find me on Google+.